Who are you really?

Who are you really?

who are you, really?

you are the best memory you have.

think about it

when did you feel the most alive?

what were you doing?

how long did it last?

you are those blissful emotions

you are the things you did. the actions you took, the subtle movements you made.

you are the way your skin felt, and the sound of your laughter.

you’re the lover, the friend, the sister, the mother, who cared for that special other.

you’re alive, you’re perfect, you’re infinite and infinitely possible.

yes, I know you remember that time before everything was shaken and skewed and disrupted. think back to that time of harmony and honesty. you are always within these moments, you are always this infinitely joyful.

stay there

and forgive

forgive yourself. and whoever has hurt you. whatever bizarre events. forgive them.

because the traumas and the unfair events and the mess ups and the mistakes don’t really define you. so don’t let them, and don’t let anyone tell you they do.

Just go on your beautiful way


be you.

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